Tech Spec


Please note: these notes were written while show was in the rehearsal period and so subject to change.


  • Cast members: 6
  • Minimum of 2 dressing rooms, male and female with showers.

NOTE: one of our male cast members is a wheelchair user, so the male dressing room needs access to a fully accessible toilet, and be at a level that’s accessible to and from stage.


  • Crew Members: 3/4
  • There will be a MINIMUM travelling crew of 3:
    • 1 DSM who will call show (we will require 1 op for LX ) and wardrobe.
    • 1 SM who will build /strike set, and run stage.
    • 1 Technician who will relight and sound, as well as operate sound.
  •  A 4th crew member may travel who would be the production manager.


We will require minimum 1 house technician for Lighting and sound, and 1 for stage.


  • 1 Director
  • 2 Producers
  • 1 Marketing manager
  • 1 Care worker
  • 1 Lighting designer
  • 1 Sound designer
  • 1 Set and wardrobe designer

Not all of these persons would travel but it should be considered that they may. All company members first language is English. If English is not the first language spoken a translator must be provided at ALL times.


Load in door 2m high, by 2m wide minimum.

Playing area required MINIMUM OF 10m wide by 6m deep. End on Proscenium stage.

Stage floor smooth level and NO rake what so ever.

Flying bars x 2 required to hang 3m high toured cloths on.
We can tour drifts to a max length of 4m if required ie if venue has a fixed grid.
Max grid height therefore 7m.

The set consists of;

  • A dance floor on 3 separate rolls 8m x 1.4m
  • A series of wooden benches (see photo of model box). Some loose, some attached to each other.
  • 2 hung cloths: 1 approx 3m high x 6m wide on a track approx 3m upstage from downstage setting line.
  • 1 approx 3m high x 8m wide hung on a bar approx 5.7m upstage from downstage setting line.

Positions to be decided on the day.
We will tour bars and track/bobbins.

Please note that NO access equipment is toured. 1 zarges ladder and 1 ladder for LX focus must be provided by venue

Hand Props (various). Props tables and workers to be provided in each wing.

We will require masking legs (4 per side if possible) for wings and full black tabs hung on a bar upstage of our most upstage cloth. Positions to be decided on the day. NO masking is toured all to be provided.

We would plan to tour a lighting desk (ETC ION) and a Mini disk player for sound UNLESS one is available. If we are unable to tour these items they must be provided.

We require a X24 effects projector.

All touring electrical equipment on UK standard 13 amp 3 pin plugs. Adapters to be provided by venue.

We require minimum of 36 dimmers with 12 of these to be as dips onstage.
We require 8 Boom bases and 3m bars and 12 boom arms. These will not be toured.
All colour (gel) toured.

The show is run off mini disk-toured (Phono outputs). A standard theatre PA required.

Comms required:

  • 1 set stage right and left.
  • 1 set comms for DSM
  • 1 for LX op
  • 1 for sound op.

During plotting an additional 2 sets required to run to auditorium. These can NOT be 2 way radios.

We will tour in luton van. We will need parking for this van.

Please note that the photo of the model box is for the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh which is on a raised stage.


A raised stage is preferable but not a necessity.


If the show is to be remounted, the 1st time it is remounted the following schedule is recommended;


  • 10.00 – Load in
  • 10.30 – Rig LX overhead
  • 13.00 – LUNCH
  • 14.00 – Rig bars for cloths and hang / Rig LX booms / FOH
  • 17.00 – Lay out floor
  • 17.45 – Lay out floor to ‘rest’
  • 18.00 – DINNER
  • 19.00 – Build benches and place. Set up for LX focus
  • 20.00 – Focus LX
  • 22.00 – FINISH


  • 10.00 – Continue focus LX
  • 12.00 – Plot Sound
  • 13.00 – LUNCH
  • 14.00 – Cast call and orientation/ Tech.
  • 16.00 – Dress rehearsal
  • 17.15 – Notes / re tech
  • 18.30 – DINNER
  • 19.30 – Set up for performance
  • 20.30 – PERFORMANCE

PLEASE NOTE 20.30 is the earliest that this 1st performance could commence.

Show is called (LX and sound) by DSM. Our tour technician will operate sound. House technician to operate lighting. As the show is called these operator roles can be reversed.